PARENT HELP: Please come and see me if you are able to offer any time throughout the week to help, e.g. to help put away reading books. I will also be seeking support throughout the year for class trips as required.

Arrival Time: The classroom is open from 8:30am each morning and the bell for the start of the learning day rings at 8:55am. Please ensure that your children are ready to start the day at this time. Often children arrive late, and this effects the rest of the class.

Allergies: Within Room 23 we have a child who is highly allergic to egg, For this reason we ask that you do not include this item in your children's lunches. Willowbank School has a 'no food sharing' policy which means children are not to share the food they bring to school with others. Please remind your children of this. Thank you.



**Each page has a fun icon (otherwise known as a widget - like the ladybird one above) at the top which often shows a hidden message that I have created. You can read it by using the mouse to scan over it. Please remind your children not 'click' on these as it may take them to an unintended site. The children have been taught within the classroom to click on the specific games that start underneath the 'title'.

Within these wiki pages there are also a number of games that were intended for junior children within the school (e.g. the alphabet and phonics pages). If this is the case there will be a message on the page.

Expectations: Children are expected to become responsible for their own belongings. Please assist them by ensuring each piece of clothing or other personal items are labelled clearly. Thank you.

Library: In term 1 we will be visiting the library every Thursday morning.

Questions: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I am often in meetings straight after school, however you can find me in the classroom each morning. Alternatively you can email me at